5 years on – a catch up with our Lab Chemist Adam Wood

Adam Wood celebrates his 5th year working at Clear Solutions this month! He has been a huge asset to the company from day one, and kept the cogs turning in the lab throughout the entire covid pandemic. We decided to have a chat with him to see what insights he…

World Water Week 2021

Water is the most abundant resource on the planet, covering 70% of our Earth’s surface, but did you know that only 3% is freshwater? And only 1% of that freshwater is actually available for human consumption? 1%!!  The rest is held in ice caps and glaciers, sequestered away in inaccessible…

The Story of Pure-Bore Zero

A couple of months ago I was sitting in a virtual classroom with a highly diverse bunch of interesting people. Accountants, business owners, students and environmental entrepreneurs, to name but a few.


Jamie Cliffe will be presenting 'Introducing a starch based solution for top hole drilling' at West African Well Engineering Forum 2020. The conference will take place on 20th Feb 2020 at Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra, Ghana.  

WAWEF 2020

Jamie Cliffe and Marc Eigner of Clear Solutions will be attending WAWEF 2020 in Ghana next February. Clear Solutions is a silver sponsor of WAWEF 2020. Should you like an introduction to our environmentally friendly HPWBM Pure-Bore® drilling fluid technology, and find out more about our continually expanding portfolio of…