The Story of Pure-Bore Zero

March 24th, 2021

A couple of months ago I was sitting in a virtual classroom with a highly diverse bunch of interesting people. Accountants, business owners, students and environmental entrepreneurs, to name but a few.

What brought this rag tag bunch of individuals together was the opportunity to learn about the threats posed by climate change and how to assess and reduce their company’s and individual carbon footprints.

Clear Solutions had already started conducting life cycle assessments of their products in 2020, but I felt as a (relatively new) Operations and R&D director, I needed to find out more. And learn I did. My appreciation for the precarious climatic position we are now facing was heightened, and so was my motivation to do something about it. After the course had concluded I ruminated for several days and then had an epiphany.

Using the complete life cycle analysis of Pure-Bore, we could offset this carbon and (in effect) make a new product that was carbon neutral. We could give our clients the first carbon neural drilling fluid additive; and so Pure-Bore Zero was born. I immediately talked the idea over with our Sales Director. Jamie is the level head of our management team and not prone to hyperbole, so when he got enthusiastic, I knew we had something good on our hands.

The final hurdle I had to surmount was getting our boss and Clear Solutions owner James Mansell on side. James’s entrepreneurial proclivities are well known to us all at Clear Solutions, he’s a man that prides himself in spotting good ideas; he has built a business on it. I needn’t have worried as his zeal at this point was a great vindication and he gave the go ahead to make it happen. However, James’s entrepreneurial leanings have other ramifications. The product launch I had wanted to prepare for next quarter was too far away, the boss wanted it next month… with a full social media campaign.

Here we are a month later. Pure-Bore Zero officially released, a marketing campaign underway with a new website to boot. Getting this product launched has been a labour of love for us at Clear Solutions and we hope to make this the first of many net zero additives. But to be clear, we have not made this product simply to improve our (or our client’s) environmental credentials. Reductions and eliminations of our environmental footprints are a necessity and will become the new normal.

So Pure-Bore may be the first net zero drilling fluid product to hit the market, but it won’t be the last.

Want to find out more about Pure Bore Zero? Visit our ‘What’s New’ page.

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