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We take pride in the research and development culture we have created at Clear Solutions. A culture in which asking questions is encouraged and pondering the future is simply part of the job. As such, we thrive on pushing the boundaries of present technology, developing chemistries that solve our clients’ problems and leading the way in environmental sustainability.

Drilling Fluid Automation

Clear Solutions has leveraged advances in AI and the consistency of its Pure-Bore® product line to develop the algorithms and models that have the potential to fully automate a drilling fluid system in real-time.

Next Generation Pure-Bore®

At Clear Solutions, our researchers are never satisfied with the status quo and our Pure-Bore is no different. Since its inception we have been asking the question “what next?” and striving to make Pure-Bore better in every way we can. Be it lower carbon footprint, better performance or lower cost, there is no part of its chemistry not under scrutiny.

Significant investment in the company’s in-house research and development department has resulted in the formulation and manufacture of the unique range of Pure-Bore® organic chemistries and associated fluid systems.

The company continues to invest heavily in R&D and is further broadening its portfolio
to include next generation reservoir fluids, breakers, organic inhibitors, wellbore stabilisers and autonomous drilling fluid systems.

Embracing All Forms of Technology

Clear Solutions it not just a chemical company. To provide the best solution to our clients we will develop and deploy the latest technology in any field. Consequently, Clear Solutions has harnessed the advancements in AI technology to create a paradigm shift in the way drilling fluid management is conducted. We are leading the way in providing systems to actively manage drilling fluids in the field environment, augmenting human knowledge and creating value.

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