December 5th, 2016

The Sea Camels team, skippered by James Mansell Director of Clear Solutions, sailed to victory and managed to saddle up an impressive number of prizes in this years race! However the best prize of all for the Sea Camels was the fact that they managed to raise a grand total of £8,312.73 for Acorns Children’s Hospice. Thank you to everyone who has supported the team in helping to achieve this grand total for such a worthy cause.

The three peaks yacht race is classed as one of the top ten adventure (endurance) races in the world, this year the team were competing against a number of professional sailors including Dee Caffari and Pip Hare. Half of this years competitors also attempted the even more challenging Tilman version of the race which involves all of the team summiting at least one of the mountains. The Sea Camels team were proud to achieve second place in the Tilman race and were awarded The Bodlyn Cup, further the team achieved a very creditable 8th place over all, which was particularly impressive given that they had the slowest runners out of all the teams but this did mean that they achieved the Kamminga Kloggs award!

Children at the Acorns Children’s Hospice kindly made the Sea Camels flags to decorate their yacht, with the brilliant decorations from the children, the Sea Camels won best dressed yacht and were awarded the British Waterways Bowl.

The Sea Camels proudly won the Wrinkles Trophy for having the oldest combined team age, surely showing the younger teams a thing or two by winning so many awards!