January 27th, 2016

Here at Clear Solutions we’re bucking the industry trend and expanding our team with three new staff joining us in January!

While the Oil & Gas sector continues to be depressed and the price of oil seems stuck at an all-time low, companies will need to be looking at ways to save money – not only now, but as the industry recovers. We’ve not only invested in R&D to develop highly cost-effective drilling fluids that save a considerable amount on the cost of drilling and abandonments, but also in the staff to take them to market and to support our customers.

Oliver Kuchar has been appointed Continental Europe Manager, based in Germany. Oliver has 20 years experience in the drilling industry, with extensive experience in drilling fluid technologies and solid controls in the oil and gas sector, industrial drilling, HDD and Tunneling.

Oliver says, “I am convinced about the environmentally friendly PURE-BORE drilling mud technology that has been developed by Clear Solutions. The advantages of this water-based drilling fluid helps to improve a wide variety of drilling operations. I’m unaware of any competitive products in the market that are so easy to use!”

Andrew Miles joins the company as UK Regional Sales Manager. Andrew started his career in the onshore environmental industry before moving offshore in 2011 as a logging geologist. He moved on to specialise in Abandonment Milling and drilling muds.

Andrew says, “Working offshore on projects I thoroughly enjoyed the fast paced and changeable world of Abandonments. Looking at the products and technical experience that Clear Solutions has, I can see how well they will fit in the modern offshore world, where cost and environmental considerations are paramount – particularly in the Abandonments sector where the company’s Pure-bore product is the ideal solution.”

He continues, “I am looking forward to starting a new role in Clear Solutions and taking their products out to the UK onshore and offshore drilling market.”

Rebecca Salewski has joined the UK office as Export Customer Service Manager. Having grown up in several European countries, being well travelled and speaking fluent English, German and Spanish, Rebecca is perfectly suited to this role. Her wealth of experience in logistics, customer service and exporting as well as purchasing makes her a valuable addition to the Clear Solutions team.

James Mansell, Managing Director says, “I welcome Andrew, Oliver and Rebecca to the team. Their contributions will be pivotal in the future development of our business worldwide”.