July 14th, 2016

Having provided the Drilling Fluid Services to Fraser Well Management & Infrastrata for the Islandmagee salt well – a well that was drilled to 1,753 metres for wireline data collection and core sampling (+/- 180 metres) of Permian salt – Clear Solutions was requested to supply the Drilling Fluid Services for the recent Woodburn Forest conventional hydrocarbon exploration well in PL1/10 licence area.

The well was drilled to a depth of 2,000 metres and encountered two conventional sandstone reservoir intervals, the Triassic Sherwood and the Lower Permian Sandstones. Minimal washout was evident on the Caliper Log within the bottom hole interval when electric logs were run at TD. Overall the hole was “gun barrel” smooth, with just a few metres of washed out intervals within ratty clay beds in the lower Collyhurst formation.

The drilling fluid used for this well was the “environmentally friendly” low solids Pure-Bore® based drilling fluid system designed to ensure optimum rheological properties, low API filtration along with inhibiting properties to promote wellbore stability in each of the wellbore sections whilst facilitating optimum ROP. Our observations on this well included a high level of aquifer protection, negligible down hole losses and good management of reactive mudstone with no stuck pipe.

Andrew Hindle CEO of Infrastrata has expressed natural disappointment that the well did not encounter a hydrocarbon accumulation but equally conveyed his thanks to all involved in the operations for their “hard work and dedication” We at Clear Solutions were pleased to be given the opportunity to work with Fraser Well Management and Infastrata on this project and look forward to working with them again in the future.