“Time is money in construction. Any products we supply need to work well, easily, and first time” Jamie Cliffe, Clear Solutions Sales Director.

Clear Solutions started in construction and over the intervening years has developed a reputation for dependable products that work in tough environments.

We offer a wide range of cost-effective, high-performance drilling products to a diverse market, including: 

  • Water well drilling 
  • Mineral exploration 
  • Horizontal directional drilling 
  • Foundation/drilled shaft 
  • Construction applications 
  • Geothermal heat loop applications 
  • Geotechnical investigation 

Clear Solutions have a great variety of products which have been utilised extensively within this sector for many years. Our product categories are shown below: 

  • Pure-Bore – High performance environmentally friendly products 
  • Viscosifiers 
  • Fluid Loss Additives 
  • Bentonites 
  • Grouts 
  • Clay/ Shale Stabilisers  
  • Defoamers 
  • LCM’s 
  • Foaming Agents 
  • Weighting Agents 

Commonly used products in the construction sector include: 


Pure-Bore is an environmentally friendly, non-damaging, next generation drilling fluid technology which can be used in a wide variety of drilling and completion applications. 

Pure-Bore can be used on its own as a “stand alone” product to formulate a fluid system or in combination with bentonite depending on hole size and ground conditions. Pure-Bores unique chemistry provides a highly shear thinning fluid, with both fluid loss control and shale encapsulation and can be used in fresh and brackish water and a variety of brines.  

Pure-Bore® Liquid  

Pure-Bore Liquid has the same functionality as Pure-Bore, however, the product is supplied in a liquid state to allow for fast and easy mixing on-site, when limited mixing equipment is available.  


Ultrabore is an ultra-high yield drilling fluid based on high quality sodium bentonite. It is specially formulated to optimise hole cleaning and maintain borehole integrity in large diameter top hole sections, and horizontal and high angle drilling applications.  

Ultrabore demonstrates exceptional shear thinning rheological properties and fluid loss control for excellent hole cleaning and stability. Ultrabore can be used in combination with Pure-Bore to create the optimum high performance HDD mud system.  


Easy-Grout  is a specially formulated grout specifically designed for ease of use and economy, providing fantastic sealing and a hard, but not brittle final grout.  

Easy-Grout  can be used for all general purpose grouting requirements, to provide a cut off between different formations as a result of its ability to develop into a slightly plastic material which provides a highly impermeable seal.  


Geo-Seal is a high solids bentonite grout developed specifically for geothermal and other grouting applications where stability and thermal conductivity is required.  

On its own, Geo-Seal  can be used to form a high solids, low permeability, flexible seal. When mixed with Thermosand™ (silica sand), Geo-Seal develops an ultra-high thermal conductivity grout.  

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